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I0112-Institutes - Some Vocabulary

Institutes - Some Vocabulary

Reading Schedule:

Jan 12 – 16th: 1.1.1 through 1.5.11

Received this email from Josh: (1/12/09)

“I am at long last digging into the institutes. So far I have just read up to the middle of 6. in the prefatory address to King Francis. It is really, really awesome. I have no trouble following him, or becoming disinterested or distracted as I read. Although I am surprised how many words I have had to look up. It seems that "querulous", "supererogation," and "gormandize" were not in my vocabulary. At the very least this is a good exercise in English. Kudos to the translator. But I expect much more than only that.”

Josh caught me, reading those words I didn’t bother to look them up so here it is:

Querulous: habitually complaining

Supererogation: To do more than is required, ordered, or expected.

Gormandize: To eat gluttonously; gorge.

I did however look up the following words which one will run into frequently while reading church history:

See: The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop.

[Lat. bulla=leaden seal], papal letter. As the diplomatic organization of the papal chancery progressed in the Middle Ages, the papal bull came to be more solemn than the papal brief or encyclical. The letter, traditionally sealed with lead, but in special circumstances with silver or gold, begins with the name of the pope and his title as servus servorum Dei [servant of the servants of God]. Today only the consistorial bull, the most solemn of all papal pronouncements, carries the leaden seal; all other bulls and lesser documents have a red ink seal. The titles of bulls are the first few words of its Latin text.

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