Friday, January 16, 2009

I0116-Institutes and Pilgrims Progess

Jim sent the following, good application and also really enjoyed his bringing Pilgrim's Progress into the discussion:

I am hoping that all are enjoying their daily read of Calvin's Institutes. I am again finding great joy in reading his pronouncements. I love this one in Chapter 5 " In seeking God, miserable men do not rise above themselves as they should, but measure him by the yardstick of their own carnal stupidity, and neglect sound investigation; thus out of stupidity they fly off into empty speculations. (reminds me of some of my past and most likely some of my present presuppositions) They do not therefore apprehend God as he offers himself, but imagine him as they have fashioned him in their own presumption. When this gulf opens, in whatever direction they move their feet they cannot but plunge headlong into ruin ".
Missteps are very costly. I cannot but be reminded of poor Pilgrim who at first is so easily lead into places like Legalism and other presumptive places, but for the grace of God that comes through the word of God he would have perished there. I also think of those who have fallen into the "Prosperity gospels, emergent gospel or the clever packages that say " have your best life now, become a better you". There are so many that the natural man cannot help but fall into ruin. Only grace and the work of the Holy Spirit can lead anyone out of these dark holes. Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit we who are his have been fashioned by God for a better destiny.
May God richly bless you,


Scott said...

Jim, I hope you continue to integrate Pilgrim's Progess into our Institutes reading. Definitely something we will all appreciate. scott

jim said...


Pilgrims Progress is one of my favorite books to read and reread. I am quite aware of all of Christians failings and of God's continual faithfulness to him throughout his long journey.

"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Cor.15:57