Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Using Google Reader is a great asset in staying current on reading your favorite blogs.

To assist in setting up my own google reader to select blogs, notify me of any updates within my
selected blogs, I found the following by Abraham Piper to be a fairly simply step-by-step guide:

Once you are set up you can add this blog to your list of blogs simply by clicking on the little orange icon on the far right side of the URL in your web browser's address box. This brings up a screen asking if you want to add this to google reader.

Unlike most blogs, it took some work to figure out how to add the Ref21 - "Blogging the Institutes" to my own google reader. When I followed the normal process all I would do is add REFORMATION 21 to google reader and not the subset for "Blogging the Institutes." Here is what you need to do instead of simply clicking on the little orange icon:

At the top of the right hand column for "BLOGGING THE INSTITUTES" is a heading "SUBSCRIBE." Underneath that heading is a clickable link, "Subscribe via RSS."

After clicking on "Subscribe via RSS" you are taken to a Subscribe Screen. Roll down until you see the blogging the institutes heading which looks as follows:

Blogging The Institutes

Receive Updates via RSS:

Click on the http: link, then when asked by google to confirm that you want to add this blog to google reader, you're done.

The immediately above link should take you to REF21's subscribe page.

Best thing, as new entries are posted by Ref21 or Taste-that-which-is-good you're google reader will log it, show it, and give you a preview or let you read the whole article. As far as I know it will be necessary to transfer from Google reader to read any comments. But, with each article is a chevron, which, if you click on it you will jump right to the blog and article.

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