Thursday, January 8, 2009

I0108-The Institutes and the Faith Movement

Kwame, writes in below with quote and an application:

Really enjoying the institutes. I typed out the final paragraph on Method and arrangements:

"Man being at first created upright, but afterwards being not partially but toally ruined, finds his entire salvation out of himself in Christ, to whom being united by the Holy Spirit freely given, without any foresight of future works, he thereby obtains a double blessing- viz. full imputation of righteousness, which goes along with us even to the grave, and the commencement of sanctification, which daily advances till at length it is perfected in the day of regeneration or resurrection of the body, and this, in order that the great mercy of God may be celebrated in the heavenly mansions throughout eternity. Pg 30"

I liked a comment from Calvin in "address to the French King" about Catholicism.

"He, accordingly, who is most anxious about his stomach, proves the fiercest champion of his faith. In short, the object on which all to a man are bent, is to keep their kingdom safe or their belly filled; not one gives even the smallest sign of sincere zeal. Pg 7 and 8"

I am trying to apply this to the faith movement where all they care about is prosperity and as such their zeal for self aggrandizement which is mistakenly taken to mean "mountain moving faith in Christ" does not "'give even the smallest sign of sincere zeal."

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