Sunday, April 25, 2010


Recapping our series on Romans Six, below is the outline linked to the original articles:

This chapter divided into the Nature of sanctification consisting of Dying to sin (Mortification) and Living to God (Vivification) and the Necessity of Sanctification.

1. Rom 6:2 it is to "Live no longer in Sin."
2. Rom 6:6 it is that "the body of sin must be destroyed."
3. Rom 6:11 it is to "Reckon ourselves to be dead indeed unto sin."
4. Rom 6:12 Sin must not reign in our mortal bodies.
5. Rom 6:13 We must not yield our members as instruments of unrighteousness.

VIVIFICATION - Living to Righteousness
1. Rom 6:4 Walking in Newness of Life
2. Rom 6:11 TO BE ALIVE TO GOD
3. Rom 6:13 Yield ourselves to God, as those that are alive from the dead
4. Rom 6:13 Yield our members as instruments of righteousness to God

Rom 6:2 We are dead to sin, to sin is a contradiction of our profession.
2. Rom 6:3 Baptized into his death so it is necessary to conform to Christ's death.
3. Rom 6:9-10 Buried with him It is necessary also to conform unto Christ's RESURRECTION
4. Rom 6:14 we have new covenant promises, effectual and mighty, shall we sin against such love and grace.
5. Rom 6:15 to think we have license with such promises of encouragment is to "suck poison from them."
6. Rom 6:16 Our state is known by that to which we yield obedience.
7. Rom 6:17 THE CHANGE CAME ABOUT BY CONVERSION necessitates it
8. Rom 6:18 Conversion is the freedom from the service of sin to the service of GOD.

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