Sunday, April 18, 2010

Romans - Chap 6 The Necessity of Sanctification #4

Continuing on with the NECESSITY OF SANCTIFICATION while borrowing from the outline found in Matthew Henry's Commentary:

1. Rom 6:2 We are dead to sin, to sin is a contradiction of our profession.
2. Rom 6:3 Baptized into his death so it is necessary to conform to Christ's death.
3. Rom 6:9-10 Buried with him It is necessary also to conform unto Christ's RESURRECTION



The promises and privileges of THE NEW COVENANT -- there is strength laid up in the covenant of grace if we will but use it.

God promises to us are more powerful and effectual for the mortifying of sin than our promises to God.

Sin may struggle in a believer, and may create him a great deal of trouble, but it shall not have dominion, it may vex him but it shall not rule over him.

UNDER THE LAW: the law condemns.

We have such grace in the gospel. Nothing is required but what it promises strength to perform.

Shall we sin against so much goodness and abuse such love?

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Gregg said...

What a great question! My heart cries out no, I don't want to sin against such love and grace. Yet, it also cries out, "Who will deliver me from the body of this death?" Thank God that when sin does abound, grace abounds even more.

By the way, I added you to my blogroll. Hope others will take the time to read you also.

Thanks for the very kind email!