Saturday, April 17, 2010

Romans - Chap 6 The Necessity of Sanctification #3

Continuing on with the NECESSITY OF SANCTIFCATION while borrowing from the outline found in Matthew Henry's Commentary:

1. Rom 6:2 We are dead to sin, to sin is a contradiction of our profession.
2. Rom 6:3 Baptized into his death.

3. It is necessary also not only to conform to CHRIST'S DEATH BUT to CONFORM TO HIS RESURRECTION.

ROM 6:9 Death does not have dominion over him. We are to be planted together in the likness of his resurrection. It is necessary therefore that we conform to his resurrection - walking in newness of life.

Rom 6:10 He arose to live unto GOD. We must conform to this and LIVE UNTO GOD. There is a necessity therefore in sanctification - for us who believe and are justified it is an INSEPARABLE BLESSING.

Self was the chief end - but now GOD THE CHIEF END.

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Gregg said...

Amen brother! To glorify God and to enjoy him forever what a chief end!