Thursday, July 22, 2010


Continuing on in our look at Psalm 42

Lovingkindness a noble-lifebelt in a rough sea......

Psalm 42:8

Yet the LORD will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.

There is something so wonderful here - the LORD will COMMAND his lovingkindness. Do you hear that word, "command?" The Lord has a directive for his lovingkindness. My problems are overwhelming me, my body hurts, my stomach aches, my soul is cast down and disquieted within me .... BUT GOD will command his lovingkindness -- even in the daytime. Christ for me, Christ my saviour, Christ my sacrifice that satisifies the just wrath of God. Christ my mediator between God and men. Christ the friend who sticks closer than a brother. Christ fairer than the fair. Christ lovely and beautiful, the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us. Christ who condemned sin in the flesh. Christ given for me and in my place, delivered up for my offenses and raised again for my justification. Christ who has washed me from my sins. In Christ is lovingkindness abounding. And knowing my calling and election of God - making it sure - believing in the saviour Jesus Christ I know his lovingkindness is commanded in the daytime.

Come what may there shall be “a certain secret something” to sweeten all. Lovingkindness is a noble life-belt in a rough sea. The day may darken into a strange and untimely midnight, but the love of God ordained of old to be the portion of the elect, shall be by sovereign decree meted out to them. No day shall ever dawn on an heir of grace and find him altogether forsaken of his Lord: the Lord reigneth, and as a sovereign he will with authority command mercy to be reserved for his chosen. “And in the night.” Both divisions of the day shall be illuminated with special love, and no stress of trial shall prevent it.


At night in bed, when my thoughts drift where they shouldn't where cares and sin overwhelm. Where in the quiet my thinking lead to my doubting there his song shall be with me. There I can find him. God commanding lovingkindness in the daytime and at night his SONG IS WITH ME.

Our God is God of the nights as well as the days; none shall find his Israel unprotected, be the hour what it may. “His song shall be with me.” Songs of praise for blessings received shall cheer the gloom of night. No music sweeter than this. The belief that we shall yet glorify the Lord for mercy given in extremity is a delightful stay to the soul. Affliction may put out our candle, but if it cannot silence our song we will soon light the candle again.

His song with me and my prayer to GOD.

God hears our prayers - his ear is open to us. He has bought us with a precious price, the dear blood of the blessed glorious only-begotten of the FATHER and he will hear his own they know his voice and he knows them.

“And my prayer unto the God of my life.” Prayer is yoked with praise. He who is the living God, is the God of our life, from him we derive it, with him in prayer and praise we spend it, to him we devote it, in him we shall perfect it. To be assured that our sighs and songs shall both have free access to our glorious Lord is to have reason for hope in the most deplorable condition.

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That was a good way of saying we don't need to worry about our sin.