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Psalm 27 - Confidence in GOD

Continuing our annual series called SUMMER PSALMS, this post is a summary of the most recent sermon preached at Morningside Baptist Church (MBC) by Pastor Dave Sowers. Pastor Sowers pictured to the left. As much as is possible it is hoped that these notes honor both the intent and the content of Pastor Sowers' original message. Please compare to the sermon audio podcast which will soon be posted on our new Website.

Confidence in God in the midst of Trouble

Psa 27:1-3

We tend to feel confident if we are safe and secure from all harm. Everything is going well, no trouble expected.

But Jesus said "In this world you will have trouble."

So where does this confidence come from of which David speaks in these first three verses?

Is it self-confidence?
Confidence that others will do what they should?


V1. The Lord is my light psa 27;1
The Lord is my salvation.

David is not looking to himself or others but to the Lord. He is our deliverer from Hell, and death, and Satan and the power of sin.

The Lord is my refuge. Prov 18:10 Strong Tower

Spurgeon: "The Lord shall give me the best of shelter in the worst of danger."

V2. (psa 27:2) David is looking at back at a past deliverance - when things were really bad - but God delivered.

Like the Hymn we sing by Newton: Through many dangers toils and snares....Grace that brought me this far grace that will bring me through.

Psa 27:5 - we are all going to experience trouble - but he will protect us. Knowing and believing who God is and what he has done in the past will give us the kind of confidence we need in the day of trouble.

We often come up with a list of reasons of why we should be fearful. "DOOM" "COLLAPSE" "MISERY" anxious thoughts multiplying within me. Lot of things that cause us inner turmoil.
Fear of man that keeps us from sharing the gospel.

BUT THE QUESTION IS: Are they stronger reasons than these to be fearful that WE SHOULD BE CONFIDENT IN GOD.

Yea though I walk THRU the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil - FOR THOU ART WITH ME.

Isa 43:2-3

Romans 8:35-37 List of circumstances where IN HIM WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS.

Psa 27:9 David knows the ever present Lord - yet he prays like this.

Psa 27:10 Sometimes parents aren't there - doesn't matter David says - even if they forsake me the Lord will take me up.

Though a nursing mother may forget the newborn baby -- yet God will never forget his own.

Psa 27:11

Matthew Henry:

That in due time he should see the displays of his goodness, Psa_27:13. He believed he should see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living; and, if he had not done so, he would have fainted under his afflictions. Even the best saints are subject to faint when their troubles become grievous and tedious, their spirits are overwhelmed, and their flesh and heart fail. But then faith is a sovereign cordial; it keeps them from desponding under their burden and from despairing of relief, keeps them hoping, and praying, and waiting, and keeps up in them good thoughts of God, and the comfortable enjoyment of themselves. But what was it the belief of which kept David from fainting? - that he should see the goodness of the Lord, which now seemed at a distance. Those that walk by faith in the goodness of the Lord shall in due time walk in the sight of that goodness. This he hopes to see in the land of the living, that is, (1.) In this world, that he should outlive his troubles and not perish under them. It is his comfort, not so much that he shall see the land of the living as that he shall see the goodness of God in it; for that is the comfort of all creature-comforts to a gracious soul. (2.) In the land of Canaan, and in Jerusalem where the lively oracles were. In comparison with the heathen, that were dead in sin, the land of Israel might fitly be called the land of the living; there God was known, and there David hoped to see his goodness; see 2Sa_15:25, 2Sa_15:26. Or, (3.), In heaven. It is that alone that may truly be called the land of the living, where there is no more death. This earth is the land of the dying. There is nothing like the believing hope of eternal life, the foresights of that glory, and foretastes of those pleasures, to keep us from fainting under all the calamities of this present time.

The Lord does not slip - His timing is always perfect. The right help will come at the right time.

Mattew Henry:
That in the mean time he should be strengthened to bear up under his burdens (Psa_27:14); whether he says it to himself, or to his friends, it comes all to one; this is that which encourages him: He shall strengthen thy heart, shall sustain thy spirit, and then the spirit shall sustain the infirmity. In that strength, (1.) Keep close to God and to your duty. Wait on the Lord by faith, and prayer, and a humble resignation to his will; wait, I say, on the Lord; whatever you do, grow not remiss in your attendance upon God. (2.) Keep up your spirits in the midst of the greatest dangers and difficulties: Be of good courage; let your hearts be fixed, trusting in God, and your minds stayed upon him, and then let none of these things move you. Those that wait upon the Lord have reason to be of good courage.

Joshua 1:6-9 Be strong and courageous

Wherever you go the LORD GOD IS WITH YOU.

Acts 23:10-11 The Lord himself said to Paul: "Take Courage"

JESUS says in various ways to us: Take courage.

John 14:27

Where is your rest? Where is your peace? Many have a self-confidence. Beware of a False Hope, and supposed goodness within.
During this morning's message reference was made to the missionary JAMES HANNINGTON, I found the following small account: click here for full text

King Mwanga, fearing annexation of his dominions, and believing the missionaries to be the agents of the design, had begun a bitter persecution of the Christians. At a village on the shores of the lake, Hannington was seized, and confined in a miserable prison, surrounded by noisy, drunken guards. Consumed with fever, and at times delirious from pain, devoured by vermin, menaced every moment by the prospect of death, he found strength in the Psalms. On Wednesday, October 28th, he notes in his Diary : " I am quite broken down and brought low. Comforted by Psalm xxvii.

Word came that Mwanga had sent three soldiers, but what news they bring, they will not yet let me know. Much comforted by Psalm xxviii." "October 29th, Thursday (eighth day in prison).—I can hear no news, but was held up by Psalm xxx., which came with great power. A hyena howled near me last night, smelling a sick man, but I hope it is not to have me yet." This is his last entry. That day, at the age of thirty-seven, he was killed.

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