Friday, July 16, 2010


Continuing in our look at Psalm 42

Psalm 42:2

My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?

Repeating again, first in verse 1 "panting soul" now in verse 2 "thirsting soul" thirsting for GOD.
OH GOD SATISFY MY THIRST - FOR YOU I THIRST. Spurgeon writes how violent thirsting really is:
“Thirsteth.” Which is more than hungering; hunger you can palliate, but thirst is awful, insatiable, clamorous, deadly. O to have the most intense craving after the highest good! this is no questionable mark of grace. “For God.” Not merely for the temple and the ordinances, but for fellowship with God himself. None but spiritual men can sympathise with this thirst.

And as an encouragement and emphasis - "THE LIVING GOD." Again Spurgeon writes:
Because he lives, and gives to men the living water; therefore we, with greater eagerness, desire him. A dead God is a mere mockery; we loathe such a monstrous deity; but the ever-living God, the perennial fountain of life and light and love, is our soul's desire. What are gold, honour, pleasure, but dead idols? May we never pant for these.

When shall I come and appear before GOD? God seems so distant now - my thirst is not satisfied by grows - when shall I be in the presence of God again?

Spurgeon: "“To see the face of God” is the nearer translation of the Hebrew; but the two ideas may be combined - he would see his God and be seen of him; this is worth thirsting after!"

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