Saturday, January 23, 2010

Precious Truths in the book of Numbers

My good friend and brother in Christ, Kwame, has been exchanging emails with me almost daily as he reads his way through Numbers with the help of one of my favorite teachers, Matthew Henry. He is finding much gospel in Numbers. I asked him, to explain.

Following is Kwame's email response to my question -- I enjoyed it so much I'm pasting it below. I would add that as I am currently reading through Exodus, I want to be very careful to learn and to see Christ - which sometimes is difficult for me. When I read of the showbread - do I see Christ the bread life? When I read of the Manna from heaven, do I see Christ who came from heavenly glory who is my daily bread? When I read of the veil separating the Most Holy from the Holy do I see Christ through whom alone we must come to the Father? When I read of the angel of death who passes over Egypt, do I see Christ whose blood covers and protects me from eternal judgment? When I read of the Sabbath rest, do I see Christ in whom I may rest from my own sinful works? Sometimes this is easy, but often I get lost in the "taches" and "knops" and fail to find Christ and fail to properly hear with understanding the Word of God to His Glory.

SO WITH THIS IN MIND Here is the Email I received from KWAME in hopes that OUR READING MAY BE EDIFIED IN CHRIST.

Wow that is a great question and I would love to just briefly type some of the awesome things that I have come to learn as it pertains to Numbers. I have only read chapters 1 - 5.

I wish i could list all the verses thus far but I would write these down off the top of my head anyway.

Numbers is about God!
Numbers is about God's word
Numbers is about God's holiness
Numbers is about God's power and sovereignty
Numbers is about God fulfilling his promises
Numbers is about God's election of a people
Numbers is about God's commission to man
Numbers is about man's need for God our Saviour
Numbers is about life being a warfare
Numbers is about God's work that man is to do
Numbers is about man's fellowship with family
Numbers is about the protection/preservation of holy precious things
Numbers is about the purity of this tabernacle/temple
Numbers is about God's redemption of those who are His
Numbers is about roles and leadership
Numbers is about army formations and processions
Numbers is about the truth of that first commandment to children that has a promise
Numbers is about God's provision for forgiveness of sin

As you already know, it's full of Gospel!


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