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MBC 1/31/10 Sermon on II Peter Chapter 2

Continuing our series from Second Peter, this post is a summary of the most recent sermon preached at Morningside Baptist Church (MBC) by Pastor Dave Sowers. The audio of the sermon can be found at the "Sermon Audio Podcast" link of the website Pastor Sowers pictured to the left. As much as is possible it is hoped that these notes honor both the intent and the content of Pastor Sowers' original message. Please compare to the sermon audio podcast.

2Peter Chapter Two
I received an email requesting me to quickly validate my bank account number with Wachovia. To click here and sign in to both confirm my current online banking settings as well as to fortify the security that protects me against fraud. How thoughtful that Wachovia would care about my security. Oddly though the email was full of spelling errors and poor grammar. Turns out this wasn't really a well concerned bank watching out for my best interests but anEmail phishing scam. The email had the appearance of validty, the logo, the desire to watch out for my best interests but in reality it was a fraud, a deception, set upon robbing me, and defrauding me. The email was not based upon truth by Lies and Falsehood. Today as we examine all of 2Pet 2 we will do well to learn also to be discerning, to watch out for those who would lead us contrary to God's word.

Chapter two is dedicated to discerning false teachers.

Today we will do a fly over of the forest as opposed to examining each tree - or each verse in detail.

2Pe 2:1-3

There is such a thing as TRUTH.

What does not conform to truth is False.

Remember last week as the apostle Peter reminds us of the sources of truth. Not myths and fables, human ideas and human opinions, BUT men moved by the Holy Spirit speaking God's Truth.

Jesus said: "Thy word is truth."

Peter communicating "We do well to pay attention when God speaks."

A few example verses wherein we are warned:

Jer 5:30-31
Jer 14:13-14
Jer 23:16-18, Jer 23:21-22

Both Peter and Jeremiah describe these prophets as "FALSE."

1828 Websters on FALSE:


Modern Dictionary 2004 on FALSE:
Not genuine, intentionally untrue, intended to mislead.

SO according to these dictionaries there is such a thing still today as TRUE and FALSE. We still have true and false tests in school. Teachers know that if the answer is "true" and you write "false" then you answer is wrong.

There is such a thing as truth, that which does not conform to truth is false.

John 17:17 "thy word is truth" therefore what does not conform to the word of God is FALSE.

John Piper: "False teaching dishonours God and hurts people. True teaching honors God and helps people."

D. A. Carson: (paraphrased) "False teachers do not stand in the pulpit and say, I disown Jesus, I reject Jesus. Rather they relativize Jesus. And thus making his word relative to what they want to say, No absolute authority, thus they in reality disown Jesus. "

Jude 4


Like the email asking for your bank account# in order to verify it and protect you, there true goal is to exploit you, to gain access to your funds.

FALSE WORDS: 2Pet 2:3 (where we get the word plastic)

Changeable, moldable, to what ever we want it to become. Not according to truth.

2Tim 4:3

How do you know false teachers:
Mat 7:17-20 looking good in one way but by their FRUITS you will know them.

They will have rotten fruit.

1Joh 4:1 Test the spirits. Discernment is called for, know the scripture.

Acts 17:11 The Bereans searched the scripture diligently to see if what the apostles said were true.

2Pet 2:4-10

2Pet 2:4-10
We are not talking about all truths related to the scripture where differences may result on minor points. We are talking about truths, like the deity of Jesus Christ, the doctrine of the Trinity, Saved by Grace, Justified by Faith alone through Christ alone, etc. Differences on minor points does not indicate a false teacher doomed to eternal darkness. But differences on Christ, who He is and what He has done are of eternal importance.

It is a cruel lie to say that you may embrace what every thought you want as long as you are sincere. It is lovingly to warn people about the dangers of false teachers and teaching.

2Tim 2:24-26
We are to be patient and gentle but we must also tell the truth, correct.

Eph 4:15 - Speaking the truth in love. Not blast people with truth, not just loving people, but speaking the truth in a loving way. It is loving to tell the truth.

Joh 1:14 Jesus did this perfectly, he is full of grace and truth.

Being like Jesus is to care about being a gracious person and to care about TRUTH.

Do you know how to have a relationship with God? DO you know the truth in this regard?

Renounce the myth that says: "I am basically a good person." That's a lie. Rom 3:10-15

We are helpless to restore or come into a relation ship with God by our own efforts.

Joh 14:16 He alone is the way, the truth, the life.

Only Jesus' death can take away the problem of sin.

His righteousness alone. He is our righteousness who believe.

Acts 16:31 - Believe on Jesus Christ and you will be saved.


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