Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet me at the Brook: Smooth Stones from Ancient Brooks

Meet me at the Brook!  That is meet me in a book by Thomas Brooks.  I picked up a copy of Smooth Stones from Ancient Brooks.  This book is a collection of sentences penned by Thomas Brooks and collected by Charles Spurgeon.   For an excellent review of this book click here.

Consider Spurgeon's first choice:

Christ often takes the crown off his own head, and puts it upon the head of faith ; witness such passages as these, which are frequent in Scripture: "Thy faith hath saved thee," Luke 7:50. " Thy faith hath made thee whole," (Matthew, ix. 22). And no wonder that Christ crowns faith, for of all graces, faith takes the crown off a man's own head, and puts it upon the head of Christ. 

Very helpful to me. Have you never wondered instead of ascribing to Faith, why didn't Jesus say, "I have made thee whole," or "I have saved thee?"  Brooks answers for us pointing out that Faith will take the crown off my head and because my whole dependence relies on him - nothing on me - Faith crowns CHRIST.  Christ the object of my faith.  Faith removes the crown from my head and properly exalts Christ the supreme.  Faith takes from me and falls upon JESUS.  No Faith in faith here.  Faith is set upon Jesus not upon self.  Jesus be crowned.

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