Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet me at the Brook: Enjoy the Rap

Enjoying the works of Thomas Brooks, and in view that he always reminds me to "meet me at the Brook"  Mike sent me the following , Enjoy.
Drop that base line homie.
top of the morn to ya !
meet me @ tha brook,  
scripture be given my flesh some left hooks, 
I tried to fight my self, but the Spirit said go back to the book, 
grabbed my bible and took a look,
opened up to isaiah 58, I was like yo, what a fresh stream, 
the word be cuttin like a lazer beam, (nah I mean) 

Then a thought occured to me, what a fool I be,  
I love toilet water over the livin stream - 
that flows from tha King He be, 
man is there any help fo me, 
the flesh brings death ta me, 
drinkin from THA WELL brings life ya see.
if I could just- 
find discipleship help,(whats this?)  
swiped cat named Brooks off the shelf, 
he discussed things that I felt,
his teachin be far reachin, steeped in holy writ, 
unlike false teachas who only give ya a tid bit,
those wolfs who be thinkin they hot, 
when they really not, 
need stay away from the goats ,
I dont say this ta boast,
But if you want a fresh drink , 
somethin to make ya feel n think, 
somethin that a make ya say , 
ooh false doctrine that stinks,
Caup a copy of the works of brooks , 
open up n take a look :)

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