Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Justification - A.W. Pink - Take Seven

A. W. Pink further describing the Positive Blessing and the Negative Blessing found in Justification.

And warning the Justification is more than "Just-As-If-I'd-Never-Sinned." In fact a serious error to limit justification to solely remission of sins.

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From what has been said in the last paragraph we may see what a serious mistake it is to limit justification to the mere forgiveness of sins. Just as “condemnation” is not the execution of punishment, but rather the formal declaration that the accused is guilty and worthy of punishment; so “justification” is not merely the remission of punishment but the judicial announcement that punishment cannot be justly inflicted—the accused being fully conformed to all the positive requirements of the law in consequence of Christ’s perfect obedience being legally reckoned to his account. The justification of a believer is no other than his being admitted to participate in the reward merited by his Surety. Justification is nothing more or less than the righteousness of Christ being imputed to us: the negative blessing issuing therefrom is the remission of sins; the positive, a title to the heavenly inheritance.

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