Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Justification - A.W. Pink - Take Eight

Justification - Glorious Truth - Blessed Doctrine.

It takes some thought. We need to chew on it, to dwell upon Christ our righteousness. What it means. How it was obtained. How it is applied to us. What blessing conferred upon the justified.

Pink writes:

This grand doctrine of Justification was proclaimed in its purity and clarity by the Reformers—Luther, Calvin, Zanchius, Peter Martyr, etc.; but it began to be corrupted in the seventeenth century by men who had only a very superficial knowledge of it, who taught that justification consisted merely in the removal of guilt or forgiveness of sins, excluding the positive admittance of man into God’s judicial favour: in other words, they restricted justification unto deliverance from Hell, failing to declare that it also conveys a title unto Heaven.........denying that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to the believer, seek to find their title to eternal life in a union with Christ in His resurrection. Few today are clear upon the twofold content of Justification, because few today understand the nature of that righteousness which is imputed to all who believe.
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How well do you understand this central doctrine of the gospel? What a blessing we have now to take time, to study, to search the depths of this great truth.

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