Saturday, April 23, 2011

Young and Married

I have been BLESSED with some incredible friends who write WONDERFUL Blogs.  As a means of expressing my appreciation for the efforts they put forth  I've added a "Great Blogs To Follow" listing to the right. Plus today I want to draw your attention to a wonderful new blog called, Young and Married.   I encourage you to go check it out.  Their purpose statement  especially captured my attention because by the Grace of God in our house we do Love Marriage:


 "...we live in a culture which strongly encourages couples to wait until much older to be married and frowns upon those who desire to marry young. We wish to turn this notion upside down and show that not only can a young couple survive when married young, but thrive. We also wish to encourage young men and women to pursue marriage if God is calling you to it, and not to wait, merely because it is culturally acceptable."

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