Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unto Him We Live: God's Work of Grace in Adoption


There are a handful of incredible blogs I'm blessed to read on a regular basis.  One of those which really challenges me, teaches me, wounds me, rejoices my heart, and stands as an example is Unto Him We Live.

Unto Him We Live is a family blog, and you will have opportunity to read posts by both Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, who are the parents, as well as many insightful posts by several of their children.   But I want especially to draw your attention to those posts that speak specifically to adoption.

Check out especially this post, describing how after 5 1/2 months since coming home with the Beavers from Russia, little Oksana is beginning by wonderful grace to put three words together in English - Praise the LORD, Hallelujah. Reading this you will be praising and rejoicing: A Helen Keller Kinda Week

And this post where we get a little glimpse of the POWER OF GOD as we read of the transformation of a little orphan girl into a beautiful believer in Jesus Christ: Transformation

And then this post really challenged me last Father's Day.  We read of this young ladies love and appreciation for her Father, and find ourselves called to higher and holier Fathering to the Glory of God.   51 reasons why Tatiana Loves her Dad, called DEAR DADDY.

Actually as I page back through all the posts at "Unto Him We Live" with the label "Adoption" I'm hard pressed to pick out only a select few.   I strongly encourage you to go back to the beginning of their blog, which started just over 1 year ago, on April 15, 2010 with this post discussing the possible halting of Russian Adoption:  click here,   and read the entire story and then keep reading as this work of God's Grace continues.  Thanking God to have such friends.      

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