Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Salvation Poem

Sunday morning, May 30, 2010 my 10 year old and 12 year old were both baptized after standing in front of our congregation and relating the miraculous divine work grace that brought them to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. A couple of days later I received the following Poem/possible Rap song from my twelve year old. I really liked it and hope you do to. I've read it several times and believe she built in some wonderful depth of meaning and with the theme of "walking" it also reminded me of our studies of Pilgrim's Progress as Christian walks through this world headed for the world to come.

Walking from today

We walk on Saturday to Sunday to Monday.
We walk from today to tomorrow
In fact everyday
we haven't much to say
but in each & every way
we walk from today
to Tuesday to Wednesday
in the doorway
I see a buffet
I walk away
I keep on walking to Thursday to Friday
then back again to Saturday to Sunday
to Monday Monday Monday..................
It turns to Midday I walk to the hallway
and suddenly I'm Shattered
I realize my life is tattered
sinful & disgusting
I pray that the Lord will send his love
from up above
I didn't think it'd happen
but then I saw the one
and then a bright shining sun
and something happened
I felt sort of differently
my eyes just went blurry
I was told not to worry
then I opened my eyes
I was different
Some didn't really notice
but then someone said that's bogus
you should really know this
I hoped I wouldn't blow this
I was glad wasn't sad
I'd been bad
you know I hit my sister
Guess what he paid for that
He's the king
I sing
for Christs eternal reign
you see the pain
he's the one the only one
and guess what, I'll never leave him
I have only just received him!

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Sarah said...

I am very glad that
you published my
poem I hope to have
a new one for you.

Poem Girl