Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I0224-Providence Applied

This post is part of our group read of the Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin.

Jim makes the following application from our reading on Providence.

I am just amazed at Gods providence in having me read Calvin right now and especially now on reading the doctrine of Providence. I am overwhelmed by the needed confirmations we are receiving as I read everyday. Knowing that God is in control of all things gives us such great peace and rest. I have been reminded of the scripture in Hebrews four that says, "there is a rest for the people of God". Resting is certainly knowing Gods sovereignty in all things. How gracious our Father is to give us this wisdom to rest our thoughts and minds as we struggle with the enemy and with the flesh. "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling" while you rest in Him!

"But when once the light of Divine Providence has illumined the believer's soul, he is relieved and set free, not only from the extreme fear and anxiety which formerly oppressed him, but from all care. For as he justly shudders at the idea of chance, so he can confidently commit himself to God. This, I say, is his comfort, that his heavenly Father so embraces all things under his power--so governs them at will by his nod--so regulates them by his wisdom, that nothing takes place save according to his appointment; that received into his favour, and entrusted to the care of his angels neither fire, nor water, nor sword, can do him harm, except in so far as God their master is pleased to permit." 1.17.11 click here

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