Monday, February 16, 2009


This post is part of our group read of the Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin. First some observations by Kwame, then a little notice on some changes/helps I've tried to add to the blog.

Kwame wrote:
I like how Calvin points out the importance of pondering over what brings glory to God and leads to edification and his warning to avoid vain questions that may even be blasphemous.

Also, as he fears to even use examples outside of scripture to illustrate or explain answers, it is not surprising that his answers are so scriptural.

Kwame, I appreciate both these observations and hope I retain them in my memory and practice. Oh God, that I would be careful to answer not with a "I think.." but "The scriptures say... God's Word reveals..."

Brothers, really enjoying reading Institutes together with each of you.

FYI: all blog entries that are related to our reading together (which is most blog entries) will be titled beginning with an "I" followed by the month and day of the entry. For example this entry begins with I0216. Which you can read as "Institutes February 16th." Also, I reedited all blog posts entered thus far and changed the title to follow this example. Plus I added Labels to each post. I will try to use meaningful labels but especially wanted to note that I am adding the name (first name only) of the individual who wrote the entry into the Label list.

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