Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Beginning with Romans Chapter nine, when originally studying this book with my girls, we came up with a concept called "flow words."   It's like the keywords we previously employed to give us a handle on each chapter.  Now, though, we wanted a handle to IMPRINT an outline of each thought in chapter nine - thoughts that flow from one to the next  building an overwhelming case for the sovereignty of God in Salvation, that is his election.

Here are the "flow words" we have identified for Chapter Nine:

Keyword: Election
Memory Verse: Rom 9:11

Flow Words – Outlining the flow of thought through Romans Chapter Nine

Verses           Flow Word
Rom 9:1-5      Sorrow over Israel’s unbelief.
Rom 9:6         What is wrong with the Word of God? – NOTHING.
Rom 9:6         They are not all Israel which are of Israel.
Rom 9:7-9      Consider Isaac and Ishmael
Rom 9:8         Children of the flesh are not the children of God
Rom 9:10-13 Consider Jacob and Esau
Rom 9:11       Why? That the purpose of God according to Election might stand.
Rom 9:14       Is there unrighteousness with God?
Rom 9:15-29 God shows mercy as he wills.
Rom 9:17       Pharoh.
Rom 9:18-23 Potter and the Clay.
Rom 9:25       Prophecy fulfilled: I will call them my people which were not my people.
Rom 9:33       Believe on the Stumbling Stone.

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