Friday, December 24, 2010

Help Heavenward

Hey, over on the Octavius Winslow Archive, there is going to be a "Challies-Like Reading the Classics Together" read through Winslow's book, Help Heavenward. I've joined and you can to. the Project begins on January 10, 2011 upon which time you have one week to read through the first chapter. Appears that Matthew Blair will be covering one chapter a week. My copy arrived yesterday and it looks like there's eleven Chapters total.

I've already read the preface, foreward and table of contents, plus a little of chapter 1 to whet my appetite. Like other books by Winslow this looks to be very sweet, very warm, very heart enflaming. I'm truly beleiveing for a freshness in my soul and spirit as I slowly and thoughtfully and reflectively read through Winslow.

Matthew Blair writes that this is his favorite of Winslow's books. I've only really been exposed to couple of other works by Winslow - but I confirm they are RICH.

On the first page of Chapter One, Winslow thinking of those spies who went into the promise land writes and we read: "Faith is the spiritual spy of the soul." Wow - sound exiciting to you? I'm fired the journey. I'll leave you with poem which is at the conclusion of Chapter one:

“A captive here, and far from home,
For Zion’s sacred courts I sigh:
“There the ransomed nations come,
And see the Savior ‘eye to eye.’

“While here, I walk on hostile ground;
The few that I can call my friends
Are, like myself, with fetters bound,
And weariness my path attends.

“But we shall soon behold the day
When Zion’s children shall return;
Our sorrows then shall flee away,
And we shall never, never mourn.

“The hope that such a day will come
Makes e’en the captive’s portion sweet;
Though now we’re distant far from home
In Zion soon we all shall meet.”

Click Here and Here for the Octavius Winslow Archive reading the classics together.

Click here to find "Help Heavenward" online.


Poem Girl said...

Wow Scott that truly
is a wonderful poem
I enjoyed reading.
-Poem Girl

Scott said...

Thanks Poem - girl. I love your poems every time I read them. As I read thru this book maybe I can continue to post Winslow poems.

jim said...

Great poem Scott and thanks for the encouragaging words that help us cling to Christ even when we are held captive by our body of flesh.