Monday, October 12, 2009

Gospel for Real Life

A few years ago I had the privilege a long with a few others friends to have lunch with Jerry Bridges. During our dining time together I asked him of all the books you have written, which is your favorite. His response: "The Gospel for Real Life." Finally, I have a copy in my hands as my 13 year old is about to begin reading and studying this book with a few other young ladies in a study led by our Pastor's daughter. I'm excited for my daughter and I'm excited for myself as I plan to be reading along with her.

The Preface has already got me excited. Jerry Bridges writes:

...preaching the gospel to yourself every day is what this book is about. It is intended to answer three questions:
  • What is the gospel we should preach to ourselves?
  • Why do we, who are already believers, need to preach it to ourselves?
  • How do we do it?
And like Jerry who wrote in his preface: "Some years ago I heard someone say that we should 'preach the gospel to ourselves every day.' though I had already been doing that to some degree, that statement brought clarity and focus to my own practice..." When I first heard this phrase "Preach the Gospel to Yourself everyday," for me also that statement brought clarity and focus to my own practice. Excitedly I look forward to discover if that focus will become even sharper as I read together with my daughter, "The Gospel for Real Life."


jim said...

My sin drives me to the gospel everyday! My hope and my joy is the gospel. The work of Christ saving me from the wrath of God, the blood of Christ covering my sin. Oh yes, I need to hear that everyday!

Scott said...

Amen. God give me grace to walk by that same example - every day.