Monday, September 14, 2009

Study in Romans

(Pictured to the left is a word cloud on the entire book of Romans. Click on graphic for a large version, click here to see word clounds for 66 books of the Bible. )

Starting a new series teaching from Romans in our Sunday School Class for adults this upcoming Sunday. The class is based on an accumulation of studying and discussing the book of Romans over the past year and half with my three youngest daughters. I had thought of possibly naming the class, A Study in Romans by three girls and their Dad. Hoping that what we discussed as a family and what blessings our God blessed us with will be also of joy to our friends as we walk together through the book of Romans as brothers and sisters in Christ.

The following is a description of how we plan to proceed and what we hope to accomplish. But for all of this we wait on God trusting in His blessing.

"Study in Romans." The class is expected to last eight months where we will be spending two weeks per each of the 16 chapters in Romans. Our Study together will not be an exhaustive study of Romans but rather a survey and overview simply directed toward acquiring a grasp of key concepts from each chapter. Through our study together we will see how Paul's argument builds in Romans as he anticipates questions in the readers mind, which he then answers in subsequent chapters. During the class we will learn, discuss and identify key words, phrases and memory verses that will give us a handle to remember the subject matter of each chapter and also communicate to us how the chapters in the book of Romans build upon each other resulting in a foundation of gospel truth.

As the class progresses you will begin to see how stringing these phrases and keywords together will help you to both communicate the gospel to others, remember the content and organization of Romans and will be a helpful means in the "preaching of the gospel to yourself everyday."


In Romans Chapter one we learn that every man is without excuse for all of creation declares there is a God. The case against man grows as we find in chapter two that whether we have the law as written and delivered to the Jews or the law of God written on our hearts we will not in the law find righteousness but condemnation for the law condemns. Further in Romans Chapter three we learn that there is none righteous no not one. But is there no righteousness for me? How we will I ever find acceptance with God? Chapter Four answers this questions with a question and answer: "What does the scripture say? Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness." Praise God, there is an imputed righteousness to be found which is ours by faith. But how does that work? How can righteousness be imputed? To which Chapter Five answers "it is by Christ who just as Adam represented everyone that was in him so also is Christ the Representative of all that are in him." (Keywords boldfaced and underlined.)


WhiteStone said...

Oh, wow, I love that summation of the first 5 chapters! I hope you will eventually provide similar for the rest of Romans.

Scott said...

Thanks Whitestone, Praise the Lord. Hoping to have a very similiar summation all the way to chapter 16.

jim said...

I love the word clouds and am hoping that I will be able to hear your exposition on the book of Romans. Your teaching always inspires me to look deeper. Thanks

Scott said...


I tried to make my own word cloud to begin with at But it was taking too long to figure it out was really happy to find someone that had already completed all 66 books of the bible.

Appreciate all your input, comments and questions every time we are together to study God's word.