Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Reformed Pastor-2

The Reformed Pastor

By Richard Baxter

[This is the 2nd post commenting on this book]

Today I received another email from my son with some more great observations from Baxter’s, The Reformed Pastor. His thoughts as follows:


Baxter really bears down heavily on the negligence of preachers in caring for their own souls.

"Oh sirs, how many men have preached Christ, and yet have perished for want of a saving interest in him?" "A holy calling will not save an unholy man."

While the book is very rich and appealing to the intellect, it is not a 'thrill' read. I have to read slowly and prayerfully. It is very convicting. He also gives the 'beware that you don't study to your own further damnation' warning.

He particularly points out that people ought not to be studying theology as they would physics. On the other hand, he does intensely desire that people study physics almost as they would study theology. Namely, study physics as a textbook declaring the glory of God in science, as all creation is a textbook declaring the glory of the Lord. He would rather that young people first study theology so that their foundation is set for other studies.

"Nothing can be rightly known if God be not known; nor is any study well managed, nor to any great purpose, if God is not studied."

"It is one thing to know the creatures as Aristotle, and another thing to know them as a Christian. None but a Christian can read one line of his Physics so as to understand it rightly. It is a high and excellent study, and of greater use than many apprehend; but it is the smallest part of it that Aristotle may teach us."

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